Mermaid Beach Resort – The largest beach resort of Bangladesh

Close to nature and Creativity – a perfect gist of both features will be found in mermaid beach resort.

While entering the resort, it seems you are entering a well decorated village of Bangladesh. Most probably, this is one of the main reasons why the international tourists keep mermaid beach resort in the their wish list. When I went for lunch into the restaurant for the first time, it seems I am outside of the Bangladesh for a while! Do you know why? Because I found more than 50% of the visitors staying there are non Bangladeshi!

Mermaid Beach Resort Evening
Mermaid Beach Resort Evening

The incredible feature of this resort that fascinated me is the decoration is so well details that no tiny part is ignored. Another awesome side is without destroying the nature it makes the nature it’s part which makes the beach resort highly Eco-friendly.

Mermaid Beach Resort Restaurant

The lighting is another eye soothing part of this resort. After roaming the whole resort, it never seen to me that the lighting was more than necessary. And the last thing I should admire about their food quality. The ingredients used in the most recipe is hygienic. The sea food has been kept more than meat to synchronize the taste with environment.

Hill View in the morning

I personally recommend this resort for the travelers who love to stay close the natural beauty of Coxes bazar beach with highest security. Happy traveling!
Awesome environment inside the resort with a Bangladeshi village flavor


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