Sairu – the most beautiful hill resort in Bandarban

The combination of natural beauty and architectural beauty can make difference in environment and Sairu Hill Resort is the perfect example of it. This unique feature makes Sairu Hill resort the best resort in Bandarban.

Hill resort in Bangladesh
Beautiful and Clean Entrance of Sairu Hill Resort

Extra care was taken in the development of the interior and exterior of this resort. This must be felt in every moment here. The most attractive feature of this resort is the infinity swimming pool which is called the swimming pool in the highest peak of Bangladesh!

The scenario of covering the hill peaks with white cloud is another impressing feature of this hill resort in Bangladesh. A video capturing the scenario has been attached at the end of this post.

You will find many unknown flowers beside the pathway all around the resort. The small playing fish in the small drain just beside the restaurant will fascinate you. The night environment will give you awesome feeling because the of the lighting around the whole resort. The staff team of the resort is so much cordial that you will never feel hesitate to ask them for any kind of help.

Another awesome experience you may get if you are lucky is to see the cold cloud entering into the restaurant during dinner! If you get it will be a lifetime experience for sure. If you want to stay in the best resort in bandarban, I recommend Sairu Hill Resort would be first choice considering all facilities and location.

Sairu Hill Resort Review

Features / Facilities Rating (Out of 10)
Communication From Cities 9
Surrounding Environment 10
Room Interior 9
Room Service 9
Cleanness 10
Security 10
Food Quality 10

More Pictures of Sairu Hill Resort

Sairu Hill Resort Video


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