Sarah Resort Gazipur

Sarah Resort Gazipur

Who does not like to take deep breath in a natural environment? If that environment is very clean with well decoration, that would be great place for vacation. Sarah Resort Gazipur is one of the such place where you will get a village flavor of Bangladesh. A wide range of entertainment elements available in the resort. You will get both artificial and natural lake in the sarah resort gazipur. Interestingly, both artificial and natural ponds are also available!

Sarah resort gazipur water lodge

Another interesting fact about the sarah resort is the perfect use of the technology. There is an internal wireless network inside the resort for the stuff to communicate with each other and with control room as well. For example, you go into the lake to ride on boat but there is no boatman to start the boat. At the same time a stuff is walking just beside you. He then will inform the control room to send the boat man and will arrive in minute to help you!

sarah resort gazipur natural lake
Natural Lake

The different versions of the cycles are available here which are pretty interesting. Some of them can be driven by two persons together. Even three persons can ride some cycles together also! There is a huge arrangement for the children. The adult will find a large indoor zone to pass awesome time there.

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